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Holiday? Celebrating! Only we don’t drink a lot, because we shouldn’t forget about our pumpkin either).



In October autumn comes into its brightest time. Another note is added to the golden scale of autumn. With a gastronomic accent – bright orange, pumpkin. And the holiday that can’t be without it is Halloween.

In ancient times, this holiday was celebrated by the British Celtic pagans at the turn of the seasons as a massive night raid of all kinds of evil and undead. With proper intentions for the human world. The best way not to be on the affected side was to temporarily “mow” under this evilness itself. And join the raiders. In Christian times, the holiday was transformed into a night on the eve of All Saints Day, in which the souls of the dead come to see the world of the living. In general, Halloween is a fun topic … But over time, the holiday has become so fun that in many countries has become a good excuse for non-standard fun and good time. And the mysterious raid isn’t awful horrible, it’s awfully funny. And it gives a good fantasy boost for carnival costumes, innocent jokes and “scarecrows”. So if you’ve got room for a push, set it up.

In our lands and minds, the tradition of dressing up as ghosts and ghouls on the last night of October has not reached everyone recently. But it has already become clear that there are no extra holidays, especially original ones. After all, when else can one rejoice in horror stories and “legally” frighten each other? All the more so, that in creation of horrors we … Any Irishmen with Scots can easily give a head start. And a pumpkin, too. We’ve got it.

So, as we prepare for Halloween, feel free to turn on the fantasy. Pick up creepy jewellery and costumes, create a mysterious and frightening atmosphere in the house. Accessories in the form of spiders, mummies, bats and skulls red, muddy green, black and, of course, orange will help. Schedule fun hikes to the neighbors in masks and costumes of bridegrooms, corpses, witches and paper mummies. With loud howls, devilish laughter and a demand for sweets. It’s a rehearsal for Christmas carols. By the way, it is very desirable to take iodine and bandages with you during a masquerade trip to the neighbors – in case the neighbors misunderstand you…

And of course, Halloween is traditionally not without the main attribute of the holiday – “Jack’s lantern” from the pumpkin. It’s something we’re gonna have to deal with. Make it burn…

What’s there to cook? Something to eat, a holiday after all. It is recommended to make a sacrifice to the monsters – something very sweet and delicious (see recipes below), for sure, hungry monsters are much angrier than fed. It’s every wife who knows her own husband.